The War On Sugar!

A graphic that says "Sugar war"
An aluminium can full of sugar being poured out

For the first time in my career, children’s teeth are deteriorating. I watch Peter Dunne on television and he states that sugar is not the problem, and more fluoride will fix it anyway.  

What planet does he live on? Is this genuine or wilful ignorance? He is wrong on both counts and, without doubt, sugar IS the problem. Finally, thankfully, this message seems to be getting through. The truth always comes out in the end.

Last year we had the movie Fed Up, showing clearly how the official guidelines to combat the obesity epidemic in America are wrong. It is no surprise to read recently declassified documents detailing how the sugar industry has been writing US dental health policy since the 1950s.   Now, we have another documentary, That Sugar Film, highlighting the importance of where we obtain our nutrition, and explaining how no two calories are the same. Sadly, a healthy heart tick can still be high in sugar and not healthy at all.

Capital Dental are proud to be working alongside the Healthy Future Families Trust, an excellent diabetic association showing the importance of a good diet for all round health, and getting this information out to help those most in need.  Rob Beaglehole is doing excellent work at getting DHBs to remove junk food from hospitals, and highlighting the particular harm caused by fizzy drinks. Last year, hearings took place at the Beehive in regard to implementing a sugar tax. Labour and the Greens offered support. Arrogant National did not even bother to show up.

Should we be surprised by this? Of course not, when the Government Health Advisor is also head of the Food and Grocery Council. It is up to us, the real people, to take a stand and make a difference. Vote with your wallets and avoid junk/processed food as much as possible. Boycott sugary drinks. Lead by example and show that sugar is not the only food children will eat. Show the politicians that there are votes in this. There are seats to be lost, Mr Dunne.

People rise up.

Say no to ill health and bad teeth.

Let us unite as one.

Let us begin the war on sugar.

By Dr Laurence Fisher

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