Professor Robert Lustig at TEDxBermuda, talks about Sugar and how a Calorie is not a calorie! It has been shown that some calories cause disease more than others and that different calories are metabolised differently.
"What lies before us and what lies behind us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us. Say what you mean and mean what you say .... Don't just think before you talk, think and feel before you talk ... that way everything you say comes from your heart."
Have a look at this clip from presented by Carol Alt in their health segment - A Healthy You.
Naenae College Students have conveyed their heartfelt thank you to the staff of Capital Dental especially Malesha and her team, who have worked hard at improving the oral hygiene and dental standards at this school. This is what was said by one of the students "Dear Malesha and team. Thank you so
Professional results—in about an hour. For a brighter, whiter smile without the wait, choose Opalescence Boost, an in-office, chemically activated whitening treatment that offers results in less than an hour. It's ideal for people who want instant whitening gratification or those who have that
Okay, I know I ruffled a few feathers last year, by daring to suggest the issue of water fluoridation may not be as black and white as both sides would have you believe. By questioning this dogma, I actually found myself on the receiving end of personal attacks, which is a real shame. If the science
I was watching old episodes of Friends and came across this one where Ross goes over board with the bleaching his teeth....
You already know that whitening works, but do you know how? Stains on teeth can be classified in one of two ways: extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic stains appear on the surface of your teeth. Intrinsic stains live between the microcracks in your enamel and deep within your dentin (the layer of your
A common question that most of our patients ask is "What is periodontal disease?". This Youtube clip illustrates what is periodontal disease and how to identify if you have it and what treatment is required to control this disease.
In the future, it seems we may become more of an oral and general health screener, and possibly less of a general dentist. The mouth can be the first indicator of systemic disease, and we need to be aware of this. Diabetes makes a perfect case in point. Some patients may present with abnormal