Dental Check up / Consultation

Dental equipment

You have a toothache? You realised you want to look after your teeth? Your Dental Insurance is about to renew? Whatever the reason is, you are on the right track for getting a dental check up!

On your dental check up, we will check your teeth, gums and the over all health of your mouth.

We will take x-rays to help see the in-between of the teeth for possible decays or the cause of your pain. From there we will discuss with you the findings of the consultation. And we will create a treatment plan, the timings and cost for each procedure.

We have a great team that will help you set suitable appointments and will offer payment plans that is affordable for you. 

It is important to have your teeth and mouth checked by a dentist at least once a year. However, for some patients we recommend six monthly visits as this will be the key in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Call the nearest Capital Dental Clinic from you and book a Dental Check-Up appointment.

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