Dental Hygiene/Oral hygiene Instructions

Oral hygiene exam

Dental Hygiene is usually done by a Dental Hygienist but for some of our practices, it is done by a dentist. They will do a thorough periodontal assessment – this involves checking the oral tissues, probing of pocket depths and recession, checking for signs of oral cancers, checking for mobility and assessing your brushing, flossing or special cleaning techniques.

At this point the dental hygienist/dentist will discuss with you about your gum condition, go over recommended home care (with demonstration if need) and then discuss the proposed treatment options.Then, will start scaling with sonic, ultrasonic and hand scalers. Once, tartar is removed then they will polish the teeth with polishing paste to remove residual staining.

Then they will discuss with you about your recall – this is the recommended time you should be coming back to get the hygiene treatment so we can prevent further disease.Regular hygiene treatment will help prevent further inflammation and infection that causes pain to gums.

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